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Hubba Hair - Learning to Live in a Hairy World

Hi everyone! My name is Amanda and I am the owner of Hubba Hair Salon. I wanted to start a blog where I could share with you all the things I do to get through life. I'm a hairstylist, a dog mom, a knitter, and a bariatric patient.



In my future posts I'd love to share with you the things I've learned in these fields. All the ups and downs, the funny stories, and the tips and tricks I've gained through my experiences. I'd also love to hear back from you on what you would like to hear about.

I know this seems like a lot of topics to focus on but I believe they all connect. No one person is just one subject. They are a multitude of activities and experiences that add up to make them who they are. That is what I want to focus on. And on top of that we'll learn things like:

* Braiding/Styling your hair

* How to start knitting

* What to do when your dog doesn't like to play

* How to fight off head hunger


So let me hear from you! What topics are you interested in? Leave a comment down below!

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